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Are You Ready for a

Fresh Start?

What is the Condition of Your Heart?

If YOUR heart was the only wellspring (drinking source) from which others could drink, how “healthy” would they be?

A sobering question, isn’t it? Whose heart hasn’t been affected by someone or something? But even if our wellspring has become “polluted” with unforgiveness or bitterness, it’s never too late for a Fresh Start for your heart!

Your Fresh Start can begin Now!

YOU can be free from the effects of offense, hurt, or loss through the transforming power of forgiveness and freedom in Jesus Christ.

Our Fresh Start booklet will guide you in “Processing The Issues Of Your Heart”

In Your Language

Our Fresh Start Booklet is available in many different languages.



A Fresh Start Story "My heart now is thankful. Peaceful. And honored. Peace was one of the things that I had looked all my life for. And I found it." Watch: More Fresh Start Stories It's Never Too Late for a Fresh...



A Fresh Start Story "After the Fresh Start process... my heart is overflowing... Overflowing with gratitude, with love, with seeing the plans and purposes in God... I'm just so grateful for the lessons that this experience has brought me."Watch: More Fresh Start...



A Fresh Start Story "I never felt like I had a place in my family. And it hurt, it hurt a lot. And it carried over to later in my life when I never felt like I was accepted by anyone."Watch: Read the Transcript: Tolerated Before I had a Fresh Start for my heart my...

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