Freedom Series

Adult Resources

What Is Being Stored In
Your Heart?
This booklet is designed to reveal to a person the reality that offense does not just “go away” over time. It illustrates the damage that unresolved conflict, wounds, or loss can cause in a person’s life. We either choose our own way of coping, which produces bitter fruit, or deal with “life’s blows” according to God’s design, which produces life and freedom

This booklet is designed to help you face your traumatic experience and provide a practical and biblically based path to “process the issues of your heart” in relation to what happened to you or around you, so that you can experience total healing and true freedom.
This booklet is designed to equip you with the most essential skills of meaningful and effective communication—for all relationships! Relationship! Isn’t that what life is all about?
How important, then, is communication?
We are convinced that communication is the lifeblood of a relationship!

Children's Resources

Is My Heart A Happy Heart?
“Is My Heart a Happy Heart” is a children’s workbook on forgiveness. It is designed to establish revelation of Christ’s great love and care for the child so that he/she may be able to trust Him with his/her forgiveness issue.
Pathway To Peace
“Pathway to Peace” is a booklet designed to help children better understand and process grief. When we face the death of a loved one, it is like being pushed into a dark tunnel. We tend to lose our bearings and are not sure what has happened to cause our life to be “turned upside down.”
Treasures Of My Heart
“Treasures of My Heart” is a booklet designed to bring healing to a child who has
experienced loss through the death of a significant person in his/her life. Questions are asked to help the child process memories about the lost loved one and to draw out the child’s often unspoken thoughts, feelings, or misconceptions.

My Body, God's Temple!
This booklet will help children to understand thinking regarding their own bodies and the circumstances in which they have been involved. Children will also explore their own rights and responsibilities regarding their bodies according to God’s Word and learn to confidently set proper boundaries for the future, based on God's perfect design. 
Breaking Up Clouds
Of Shame
This booklet is designed to help a child work through shame. It will also help you more fully understand the deep pain, embarrassment, and humililation a child may experience as a result of someone's actions or ways in which a child may have acted (voluntarily or forcefully) towards someone else.

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