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About us

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Our Mission:

At Fresh Start for All Nations, we love to see men, women, and young people become free from the effects of offense, hurt, or loss through the transforming power of forgiveness and freedom in Jesus Christ.


FORGIVING is when you cancel the debt you hold against anyone and declare that no one owes you anything because God alone satisfies you.


When you give the keys and control of your life to Jesus Christ, you are FORGIVEN.


When you are FORGIVEN and FORGIVING, you are FREE to become exactly the person you were created to be.

Our Story

FRESH START FOR ALL NATIONS, a ministry of GRACE and TRUTH, HOPE and FORGIVENESS, was formed as a 501 c(3) not-for-profit in the fall of 2007. However, the essence of Fresh Start was planted in the hearts of Pastor Steve Peterson and his wife Mindy in the early 1980s. The seed the Lord planted in their hearts at that time has now grown and developed. And now it has become an expanding “fresh start for every heart” mission of international impact!

Forgiven, Forgiving, and Free...

We love to see men, women, young people become free from the effects of offense, hurt, or loss through the transforming power of forgiveness and freedom in Jesus Christ. There are many and varied ways this happens. It could be a one-on-one meeting, a small group, a larger gathering, a seminar, or a conference. At other times, it is through our Fresh Start resources being accessed on our website.



Our Fresh Start ministry resources (video, audio and printed) have also been a means of impacting many.  Those in jails and prisons, truckers, educators, pastors, and professionals, and business people. They have also affected those who serve in law enforcement, those who work in the inner city, and MORE. We have had the joy of shipping thousands of pieces of our resources every year!


Finally, we are receiving an increasing number of invitations each year to travel to other cities, and nations, to invest in the hearts of leaders and others in those locations. Would you believe that over the past several years, those in our Fresh Start For All Nations Network have had personal impact in 50 different nations?! It has been so exciting to see this ministry spread like fire! And, we are convinced that with the Lord, there’s always MORE!

Meet Our Staff

Fresh Start for All Nations

Pastor Steve Peterson

Executive Director

Married in 1971, Steve and Mindy Peterson experienced a marriage crisis during their early years. But, that crisis led them to Jesus Christ and a “fresh start for their hearts” and their marriage. A true “Mission Impossible” story—made possible through the forgiving and saving power of Jesus Christ!

Pastor Steve and Mindy served with Trinity Church Interdenominational in Omaha, Nebraska for over 25 years. There, they gave leadership to the relational wholeness ministry. Their passion is investing in the hearts of men, women, marriages, families, youth, children, and leadership at home and abroad.

Over the course of many years, they have established and developed the Fresh Start ministry, media, and materials that have impacted lives all around the world.

The incredible expansion of Fresh Start in recent years led to the formation and launching of Fresh Start For All Nations as a 501 c(3) not-for-profit in the fall of 2007.

Steve and his wife Mindy are the blessed parents of three adult children and are enjoying their eight grandchildren!

    Fresh Start for All Nations

    David Anderson


    David is another “fresh start miracle story.” Raised in a Christian home with a grandfather who was a pastor, David had a lot of seed (Truth) sown into his life by his family, Christian school, and church. But, there was a soil (heart) problem—his heart became hardened due to being offended by the hypocrisy and duplicity of Christians in leadership.

    When the condition of his heart reached a crisis point of despair and the “misery of sin,” it wasn’t just more Truth that changed his heart, but it was a revelation of the Father’s Love through the Parable of the Prodigal Son that transformed the soil of his heart! It was then that he surrendered his heart to Jesus Christ and experienced the “ultimate fresh start” for his heart through the power of God’s love and forgiveness!

    After serving as an intern and later on staff with Pastor Steve and Mindy at Trinity Church, David is now playing a vital role as Associate Director of Fresh Start For All Nations—convinced, and convincing others that it’s never too late for a fresh start!

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