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When Someone Won’t Forgive You…

One Minute Message
When Someone Won’t Forgive You…
Has Someone Refused to Forgive You?

Listen or read this one minute message to hear Pastor Steve explain what your course of action should be when someone refuses to be reconciled with you.


When Someone Won’t Forgive You…

by Steve Peterson | Fresh Start for All Nations


What if you’ve asked someone to forgive you but he or she will not forgive you? What do you do then?

Hi, I’m Steve Peterson with Fresh Start for All Nations.

Maybe you’ve had that question. You have forgiven someone, as that applies; you’ve asked them to forgive you, but you’re not convinced that they really have. You want to be obedient, so you read Matthew 5, verse twenty-three and verses following, and you see that the Bible says to go and be reconciled. But, you’re just not convinced that they have forgiven you and maybe they’ve said they haven’t–what do you do?

Well, keep in mind, they don’t hold the keys to your forgiveness–Jesus does! If you’ve humbled yourself and asked Him to forgive you, you’re forgiven. And if they won’t forgive you, commit them to the Lord and let it be His responsibility to deal with them.

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