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South Asia Trip Report 2019

Trip Details:

January 10 -22, 2019

Providing opportunities for men, women and young people to live FORGIVEN, FORGIVING & FREE

Seminars and further investment in and identification of existing and future Fresh Start Leaders



Trip Report


There is tremendous ongoing persecution of believers in South Asia. Therefore, the need is great for believers to understand the power of forgiveness in their lives and how it can impact their intimacy with Jesus. FS was invited to come share with two separate ministries’ in two different cities to help people become free from the effects of unforgiveness.

1st City

  • Conducted a 3-day Fresh Start Seminar.
  • 2 simultaneous seminars – (women of 200+, men of 300+).
  • In the midst of our seminars, we felt impressed to share the plan of slavation.
    • Over 100 men and 100 women accepted Christ into their lives for salvation.
    • Our hosts were excited for the tremendous responce & feedback.
  • One man testified he had planned to commit suicide before he came.
    • When he heard the gospel message of forgiveness, he forgave his wife, cancelled her debt and became free.

2nd City

  • Conducted a 2-day seminar for 80+ key leaders.
  • 1st day was devoted to a full Fresh Start seminar.
  • 2nd day was a training seminar on how to share Fresh Start with others.
    • The plan is for these 80 to go to different regions and share FS.
    • Both days were videoed (8 hours each day) so they would have instruction on how to experience and share the Fresh Start Process.
    • All materials were translated into two different dialects.

Sunday Church

  • Shared the Fresh Start message of forgiveness to 80+ people.
  • After the service, many rushed up to share how they had been touched by th message of forgivness, and made a decision to forgive those who had hurt them.

Thank You

  • For those who went with us through prayer.
    • The spirit of persecution and darkness was very evident.
    • The prayers broke through the darkness and allowed the message to go forth in power.
  • For those who gave financially which allowed us to go and to carry the message of forgiveness to those in desperate need.
    • Many came to Christ, while others developed a greater intimacy with Him.
    • Many choose to forgive and walk in forgiveness even though the circumstances hadn’t changed.
    • “Whom the Son sets free is free indeed”. John 8:36
  • For partnering with us and allowing us to carry the message of: “Forgiven, Forgiving, and Free”!

The Fresh Start South Asia 2019 Team


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