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Is My Heart a Happy Heart?

Processing the Issues of a Child’s Heart
Is my Heart a Happy Heart?





Is My Heart a Happy Heart?

“Is My Heart a Happy Heart” is a children’s workbook on forgiveness. It is designed to establish revelation of Christ’s great love and care for the child so that he/she may be able to trust Him with his/her forgiveness issue.

Pages 1-4 establish God’s great love for the child.

Pages 5-6 help the child face the offense(s) and the feelings that followed.

Page 7 uncovers the vows and judgments the child may have made as a result of the offense.

Pages 9-10 provide the explanation and opportunity for forgiveness.

Page 11 reminds the child that thoughts of the offense may come to mind but he/she must not rehash the event. God has been specific about giving the offenses over to Jesus. If the child does not make that choice, he/she may most likely be re-offended and find himself/herself again in the snare of unforgiveness.

Page 12 reminds the child that Jesus knows how to handle the offender.He/she must be willing to release the offense/offender and trust Jesus because He is trustworthy.

Page 14 contains a feelings list the you may find helpful if the child has a hard time getting in touch with his/her feelings.

May this tool be a blessing and an aid to set children free, all for His glory.

For the Kingdom,

Mindy Peterson & Diane Cory
Fresh Start For All Nations

“Above all else, guard your heart,
    for everything you do flows from it.”

-Proverbs 4:23

Is my Heart a Happy Heart?

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