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Nicaragua Trip Report 2017

Trip Details:

April 22 – 26, 2017

Spreading the FIRE of FORGIVENESS and FREEDOM in Christ

FRESH START SEMINARS for pastors, leaders and leaders of leaders – providing the opportunity to become FREE from the effects of OFFENSE, HURT and LOSS through the TRANSFORMING POWER of FORGIVENESS!

Trip Report

There is Always More with the Lord

Our 2017 Fresh Start Nicaragua team consisted of a divinely-directed, quality group and a perfect fit for what we experienced in ministering to the precious people of Nicaragua. We were welcomed by the CFCI Nicaragua Leadership team. What a love-filled, life-filled group… we really had a lot of laughs and fun together!

Our time began with a lunch meeting as we got to know each other a little and then we proceeded to get a brief tour and history of Managua and Nicaragua. What a beautiful country!

We then had an orientation time and heard about the MANY incredible people that are a part of CFCI Nicaragua – and the amazing projects and programs that are being used to reach the men, women, children and young people there.

Our Work

Over the next few days we primarily worked with two groups: The first group was the CFCI Nicaragua Staff/Team. What an incredible group of ‘Favored Sons and Daughters of The King’! Our Fresh Start team all participated in presenting the ‘Fresh Start process’ through their own stories, dramatizations, and use of the Fresh Start ‘Prop Kit’. It was such a joy to witness the clarity and conviction with which each one shared and taught… as they each ‘gave away what they have received’ from The Lord!

On the final day of presentation and participation, what the CFCI team shared was PROFOUND. There were many tears and much laughter as each one shared how they had been impacted and what the Lord had done during our time together… and the MORE that they were looking forward to, in applying what they had learned and experienced. Praise God

We also had an opportunity to present at a local church where the Pastor had invited other Pastors and leaders, and had also invited the public as well. They weren’t sure that many would attend, but around 50 people of all ages showed up! You could tell that at first many were reserved and unwilling to participate.

However, as our time progressed, and especially as our team shared their own “Fresh Start Stories”, you could literally see the peoples faces change. In the end, when it came time for people to symbolically participate (representing their willingness to forgive or to acknowledge their willingness to begin their own forgiveness process) nearly every person in the room came forward… AMAZING!

Prayers Answered

As our time came to a conclusion, the CFCI Base Director, Fabricio Mendoza – and his wife, Claudia, asked when we might partner together again in the NEAR FUTURE.

Please pray into this wonderful opportunity with us – that we might continue to “Spread The Fire Of FORGIVENESS” throughout Nicaragua and beyond!

Thank you once again for your prayer, care and support. We really could sense your love from afar – and it was clear to us that your prayers were covering and carrying us…

Thank you – Thank you – Bless you!
David Anderson
On behalf of the 2017 Fresh Start Nicaragua Team


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