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Fresh Start in Missouri



All Nations Family loves the Fresh Start principles, and we are using them in in several facets of our ministry.

Our Director of Training, Dr. Pam Arlund, feels so strongly about the benefits of Fresh Start that she has allocated a full day in our three week Church Planting Training to present it to our students. This is a benefit to them personally and as leaders on the field. Our pastoral care team is utilizing the six step ‘Processing the Issues of Your Heart’ regularly with our field workers during monthly calls and visits.

Recently Jo-Anne Doughty, from our pastoral care team, presented a full day of training on the six step process in Germany with German materials found on the Fresh Start website! Our outreach in that area is to a large refugee area of Hamburg consisting of 130 languages. They received a full day of training about this wonderful, biblical method of processing your hurts, losses and offences.

In the Netherlands a group of inner healing ministers gathered to hear about this simple yet powerful approach to helping others and helping them to help themselves. They are translating the materials into Dutch right now!!

And, they are asking for more! We know there is always more with the Lord!.

The beauty of Fresh Start is that it is a way of life. Whenever we talk to people, we can help them get through the process of Being Forgiven, Forgiving, and Free!

Because the principals of Fresh Start are rooted and grounded in the Word of God and He is the one actually doing the ministry, we are seeing the fruit of Fresh Start upon the neglected people groups of the earth and are commited to seeing more! We are so privileged to be in partnership with Fresh Start!

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