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LIGHT – Joshua 1:6-9 ESV

LIGHT – Joshua 1:6-9 ESV

Courageous Obedience…

In this one minute message, Pastor Steve discusses how courage and light are important words to keep in mind while following God’s will…


LIGHT – Joshua 1:6-9 ESV

by Steve Peterson | Fresh Start for All Nations


Hi, this is Steve Peterson with Fresh Start for All Nations.

My one-word theme for 2016 is: Light. Most importantly, how am I applying this to my life? And, if I’m going to take new ground this year, what do I need the most?

For me, personally, I need courageous obedience to the enlightened will of God in response to the many opportunities that are before me.

Joshua 1:6-9 states and repeats again and again, “…be strong and courageous…”
Ephesians 1:18 says, “I pray that your hearts will be flooded with light.”

So, for me, “courage and light” says it all. As I lead Mindy and our family and as I lead Fresh Start for All Nations, both with courageous obedience, my desire is to experience the mind of the Lord, enlightened by His Spirit.

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And Remember, It’s Never Too Late for a FRESH START!

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