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Is it Hard for You to Receive?

One Minute Message
Is it Hard for You to Receive?
Does accepting God’s forgiveness seem too easy?

In this one minute message Pastor Steve explains how receiving grace and God’s forgiveness should make us feel grateful. So listen or read to learn more…


Is it Hard for You to Receive?

by Steve Peterson | Fresh Start for All Nations


Is it hard for you to receive forgiveness? Especially God’s forgiveness?

Hi, I’m Steve Peterson with Fresh Start for All Nations.

Sometimes, we do have a really difficult time receiving forgiveness; it’s like it’s too easy. We have a hard time receiving grace. But, keep in mind that grace is something we don’t deserve and to the degree we are convinced we don’t deserve it, we are so grateful when it comes! That is the key perspective–being convinced we need rescuing.

It’s not enough to think, “Well, Jesus died for our sins; wasn’t that nice? You know, I’m not that bad. Maybe somebody else needs that. I don’t need that.” But, to the degree you know you need it, it makes all the difference. The one who’s been forgiven much loves much!

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