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In Whom is Your Significance?

One Minute Message
In Whom is Your Significance?
What is True Humility?

Pastor Steve talks about how true humility doesn’t mean berating yourself — nor does it mean flattering yourself. So how do we find true humility? Read or listen to the one minute message to find out…


In Whom is Your Significance?

by Steve Peterson | Fresh Start for All Nations


In Whom is Your Significance?

Hi, this is Steve Peterson with Fresh Start for All Nations.

Do you ever struggle with pride?

Pride is an issue of significance. Many times, we think pride is only of the arrogant, “I’m better than you” pride.

Romans 12:3 says, “Don’t think to highly of yourself but have a sober judgment of yourself.”

So, it’s true: Don’t think too highly of yourself. But could we also say, don’t think too lowly of yourself? If you’re thinking too lowly of yourself, you might find yourself getting upset with yourself or angry at yourself and if you’re guilty of that then who are you trusting? Could we also say that pride is thinking too much about yourself?

Too high, too low, too much–all of those are pride. In whom is your significance? Here’s my encouragement: Have a sober judgement of yourself; agree with God about yourself. –That is true humility.

This is Steve Peterson reminding you that It’s Never Too Late for a FRESH START!
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