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Holy Land & Greece Trip Report – Fall 2019

Trip Details:

Fall 2019



Trip Report

The Parable of the Sower – Matthew 13:1-9

The following is a brief summary of what happened, in The Holy Land and Greece, when the seed from the Sower fell on good soil (V8) as well as a sampling of the harvest it yielded.

Holy Land

Fresh Start (FS) was shared in chapel services and bible classes within an Arab School.

  • 4 chapel services and 10 bible classes with over 550 students heard the forgiveness message twice though various skits, props and testimonies.
  • Key topics included Proverbs 4:23 – 27 “Our hearts determined how we see things, what we say and what we do” and the consequences of an unforgiving heart.
  • The use of the arrows of Rejection, Shame and Fear (which our Ambassador suggested we use) underscored how hearts can become poisoned with unforgiveness.
  • Students spontaneously shared very personal stories in their bible classes of how they personally experienced rejection, shame and fear from students in their school, with their friends and family.  The leadership team said this had never occurred within a classroom setting.
  • The students were so impacted, they shared the messages they had heard with some of the school counselors.

The school counselors indicated to our Ambassador that they wanted to pursue learning more about Fresh Start for their personal lives and for the lives of the students.


Fresh Start was presented to 17 members of an International staff team that ministers to refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and other countries.

  • 4 people from the leadership team requested a follow up counseling session.
  • One individual had been to counseling for years and never received freedom until he saw the FS presentations with skits, props and personal testimonies.

Fresh Start was presented at 6 different refugee locations that included Muslims, Kurds, Greek Orthodox, adults and youth from the various countries.

  • Those in attendance participated in the skits and heard the gospel of salvation. They also learned it is possible to forgive those who had wounded them.
  • One Muslim refugee, who desperately wanted peace from the memory of his beatings and gunshot wound, put his faith in the Son.
  • The leader of one of the refugee centers wants to translate the Fresh Start booklet into Greek and Kurdish along with all the props.

Summary – THANK YOU!!!!

Due to the faithfulness of the prayer warriors and the kindness of the Lord, as the forgiveness seeds were scattered, they fell on fertile soil and have begun to bear fruit.  Our hosts were so encouraged by what God did, they invited FS back to both locations and we look forward to hearing updates on how God continues to spread the fire of forgiveness.

With gratefulness,

The Fresh Start Holy Land and Greece Team

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