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Holy Land Trip Report 2019

Trip Details:

February 14 – 28, 2019

Seminars with key leaders – and additional leadership identification, training and investment

Deeper exposure and training in Fresh Start resources and perspectives – with an emphasis on ministry to children



“Man plans his ways, but the Lord directs his steps”
Proverbs 16:9

Trip Report


The following is a brief summary on, how God took our plans for this trip to a level we could have never imagined. Here are 6 critical areas where God generated incredible interest, enthusiasm and results.

  1. Our F/S Ambassadors received an in-depth look at the F/S process and the impact was beyond our wildest expectations.
    • They received freedom by going through their own Fresh Start process.
    • They received in-depth training on how to utilize the F/S process and skits to impact the understanding of the process for future participants.
    • We brainstormed on how they can use F/S to minister to elementary students and adults.
    • They received ideas and visuals on how to utilize props geared toward children for the HL.
  2. The principal who oversees the 1000 Arab student (K-12th) grades, received an in-depth overview of the F/S process.
    • She was incredibly receptive and will work with the local F/S Ambassadors to look for ways to implement F/S within the school.
    • She also wants to translate some of the children’s Fresh Start booklets into Arabic.
  3. An influential local church pastor and his wife, received an in-depth overview of the F/S process.
    • The feedback was very positive and the Ambassadors will follow up to help facilitate how they may personally benefit from F/S.
  4. Over 120+ Arab (7th/8th grade) students, teachers, and chapel leader participated in the “Parable of the Unforgiving Servant” (Matt 18:21-35) in chapel. The students were very engaged and loved participating in the skit.
    • The feedback was very positive from the teachers, students and the chapel leader.
  5. Strategized with the General Director of the School on how F/S might be used:
    • Within the school, local church and Evangelical Arab community.
    • The Ambassadors said after we left, he was already coming up with more ideas on how to use F/S in the near future.
  6. There were many other encouraging developments, but we can best summarize our trip by saying, “THERE IS ALWAYS MORE WITH THE LORD”.
    • Our Ambassadors have indicated they would like us to come back in the fall for more training, and to expand the reach of F/S, in the school, church, and the Evangelical Arab Community.
      The Mission Was Made Possible
    • Because of all the prayer warriors and financial supporters, who were instrumental in helping us to fulfill God’s plan, and expand the impact of Fresh Start in the Holy Land.
      Thank you very much for going with us through prayer and finance. You are invaluable team members, and you made a huge impact in the Holy Land! We are grateful for each of you.

The Fresh Start in The Holy Land Team

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