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Holy Land Trip Report 2017

Trip Details:

February 8 – 19, 2017

Partnering with ‘Friends of Nazareth’ in their Vision to: Enrich and expand the impact of Evangelical Christian
education and ministry in the hometown of Jesus.

Meeting with, investing in, and strategizing with the leadership of ‘Friends of Nazareth’ and their ministry partners.

Trip Report

Ministering where JESUS walked!

We have just concluded an incredible 10 day trip. We ministered to over 600 people, in the Arab Community in Nazareth, Israel and other locations in the region. We partnered with Friends of Nazareth (FON), Nazareth Baptist School (NBS) and Young Life (YL) to bring the message of Proverbs 4:23, “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life”, as well as the message of “Forgiven, Forgiving and Free.”

We shared in 2 worship services, 9 school bible classes, 1 Leadership Development Program, women’s groups, seminars and 1 to 1 appointments.


Our team shared in 9 bible classes reaching over 360 students ranging from 7th – 12th grade. Each class was composed of approximately 40 students consisting of 10% Arab Christians, 65% of Cultural Arab Christians and 25% Muslim. Not only was Fresh Start shared but also the Ultimate Fresh Start of Salvation in each class. It was a divine opportunity to be able to witness to 360 Arab students!


12 Arab School leaders from NBS experienced a 6-hour Fresh Start seminar with personal testimonies shared by two members of our team. It was a power packed time with skits, props and engaging the participants and the feedback has been very positive. The gospel of salvation was also shared and lives were touched and moved.


20 Arab YL leaders were invited to participate in a Fresh Start seminar at a retreat location. It was an energy packed, anointed time with these young leaders who are reaching the lost in the region. What an amazing time we had as our team shared their Fresh Start process in a dynamic way. Lives were certainly impacted by their sharing. The YL leaders were hungry for more!


There was much more that occurred on the ground and we owe a big thank you to all the prayer warriors who prayed for our team and those we encountered. Please pray for the seeds that were planted to grow into a movement that helps to change lives in a part of the world in need of FORGIVENESS.

Our team is very grateful for those who paved the way through prayer! Thank you.

With Love and Great Appreciation,
FS Holy Land Team


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