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Guatemala Trip Report

Trip Details:

February 11-15, 2020

Seminars for leaders and staff… Learning the process and applying it to their own hearts, thus equipping them to give away what they have received.

Deeper exposure, training and investment in key strategic leaders and partners who will carry Fresh Start forward in 2020 and beyond.

North Metro Church & Orphan Prevention Community



Trip Report

Fresh Start in Guatemala:

Fresh Start Marietta was asked by North Metro Church (a local Marietta Church) and Orphan Prevention Community (OPC) in Panajachel Guatemala to take a Fresh Start (FS) team to Guatemala. 

The goal was:

  • To introduce FS to the pastors of local churches and the leaders of OPC.
  • To evaluate how future FS teams could facilitate helping single women with children gain freedom by learning the FS process of how to forgive those who have hurt or abandoned them.

After the seminar was completed, the feedback was incredible.  Please see below:

  • At first, the participants were guarded, to acknowledge or share there was any unforgiveness toward anyone.
  • As the FS team began to share how they had been wounded, hearts began to open with the pastors and local leaders of their churches.
  • As they participated in various skits their hearts began to soften. There was laughter and fun, while hearing and seeing the gospel of forgiveness, and how it applied to their lives.
  • By the end of the seminar, every participant was blessed and expressed how grateful they were that they processed people who had wounded them.
  • Three of the pastors said they were going to take the FS process to their churches.
  • OPC and the pastors have invited more FS teams to come and train their communities. They also want to be trained on the children’s version of FS “Is Your Heart a Happy Heart” in Spanish.

In summary, this was a very successful FS gathering.  The leaders in attendance humbled themselves, and became free from long time wounds.  FS also provided insights on how they can share the benefits of FS with those they minister and serve in their communities. 

We are grateful that North Metro Church funded the trip, and they have indicated they will continue to support the OPC community well into the future.  It was a blessing to be able to share the FS message so others can be Forgiven, Forgiving and Free.

We would like to thank the prayer teams in Omaha, Marietta and beyond, for their prayers before and during the trip.  Due to the faithfulness of the prayer teams, Christ’s forgiveness message went forth and was received into the hearts of those in attendance. 

God bless you,
The Fresh Start Team

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