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Forgive in Advance!

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Forgive in Advance!
Forgive in advance…

Pastor Steve explains how you can forgive in advance and view unwanted tasks from a mission-oriented perspective so as to help you guard your heart…


Forgive in Advance!

by Steve Peterson | Fresh Start for All Nations


Hi, this is Steve Peterson with Fresh Start for All Nations.

A couple I was recently counseling with was planning a trip to see his parents. His parents had been very critical and they were bracing themselves for more of the same. In response, I encouraged them to “forgive in advance” and embrace a “mission perspective” for their upcoming trip.

We read Romans 12:9-21 together, taking special note of the themes contained in this passage, such as: love, honor, blessing, harmony, peace, not taking revenge, overcoming with good, and honor one another above yourselves.

I gave them an assignment to come up with a name for their upcoming mission. After they returned from the trip, they happily shared that, though they had experienced challenging moments, they actually thrived as their mission was accomplished! So what did they name their mission?
“Love Wins”

This is Steve Peterson reminding you that It’s Never Too Late for a FRESH START!
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