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El Salvador Trip Report 2017

Trip Details:

April 26 – May 1, 2017

Spreading the FIRE of FORGIVENESS and FREEDOM in Christ

FRESH START SEMINARS for pastors, leaders and leaders of leaders – providing the opportunity to become FREE from the effects of OFFENSE, HURT and LOSS through the TRANSFORMING POWER of FORGIVENESS!

Trip Report

A Fresh Start for Every Heart!

The 2017 Fresh Start El Salvador Team has just returned from an incredible time – as we partnered with Christ For The City to see the Fresh Start mission expressed to the wonderful people of El Salvador.

Over the course of four days of ministry, we experienced SEVEN UNIQUE ministry venues in which we held THIRTEEN UNIQUE ministry sessions… It was power-FULL and wonder-FULL!

The ministry opportunities included:

A remote island named Isla La Calzada – an island located within an inland estuary. It required a 40 minute boat ride through a maze of dense mangroves to reach the island where we met the precious men, women, children, young people and church leaders who live there. It was such an incredible and unique opportunity and experience and the people were so appreciative!

A Community Center where we worked with a futbol (soccer) ministry and an ESL (English as a second language) ministry. They were expecting 20 people in the second session and it ended up being “standing room only” – with people spilling out the door… There were over 100 in attendance of all ages. INCREDIBLE!

A youth prison for MS-13 gang members. We had the incredible opportunity to share our own Fresh Start Stories and to provide approximately 175 young men with a Fresh Start booklet in 5 separate meetings. In each unique session we experienced hearts softening before our very eyes. What a gift – What a miracle!

And finally, an opportunity at a local church and school to be a part of a live radio program and a Fresh Start Seminar for married couples. It was an amazing finish and divine “exclamation point” on an extraordinary experience.

The venues and sessions were many and varied, yet there were only two things that were consistent in each and every opportunity we had to present:

1. We always shared a Fresh Start booklet with every attendee. (“Processing The Issues Of Your Heart”and “Is My Heart A Happy Heart”)

2. We always shared the reason for the hope within us as we shared from our own “Fresh Start Stories”

So simple, and yet so profound… just as it is with God’s Word and God’s Ways – and the Fresh Start message summed up in just three words: “FORGIVEN, FORGIVING and FREE!”

Also, a special thank you to our hosts. They truly made us feel like family and we all expressed a mutual desire to partner again sometime SOON!

We return celebrating what the Lord has done and overwhelmingly grateful for your prayer, care and support! The power of prayer was so evident to us as we experienced divine strength, health, grace, provision and team-synergy. Thank YOU – and Thank You Lord!

We are more convinced than ever that “It is NEVER too late… for a Fresh Start, for EVERY Heart!”
The 2017 Fresh Start El Salvador Team


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