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East Asia Trip Report 2018

Trip Details:

October 14 – 22, 2018

Expanding the Fresh Start Beachhead in East Asia – to see men, women and young people FORGIVEN, FORGIVING & FREE

Partnering with our Fresh Start Ambassadors and introducing Fresh Start to key leaders throughout East Asia



Trip Report

Reconnecting and Establishing…

It had been nearly 5 years since a Fresh Start team has been to East Asia. This trip was one of reconnecting with past friendships and establishing new relationships. It was a privilege to invest in the hearts of ministry leaders, business professionals, church leaders, and sports team leaders!

These leaders expressed a desire to take Fresh Start to:

  • Sports professionals throughout the country
  • Church leaders
  • Business professionals
  • Leadership training teams who minister throughout the country

Their goal in 2019 will be to spread the fire of forgiveness throughout their country.

The two seminars helped the participants experience how to walk out of the “Jail of Unforgiveness” and to learn how to lead others through the Fresh Start process.

The response of the seminars was so positive that our hosts and key leaders asked for us to schedule more seminars and training opportunities in the near future. Both locations are now in the process of developing Fresh Start teams to spread the fire throughout their local communities and beyond.

It was an amazing blessing to serve Him in East Asia and to watch lives being transformed before our very eyes! One of the highlights was to listen to a sport professional and a 15-year-old young man share their stories of how they forgave a person in their lives who had hurt them in the past. These 2 stories represent, a small sampling, of the many lives that have been changed through the Fresh Start process, and the transforming power of forgiveness.

Thank you to the prayer team and those who gave financially. Each of you were an integral part of the team and instrumental to the success of this mission.

We were blessed to serve Him,
-The 2018 Fresh Start East Asia Team


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