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Do You Feel a Need to Prove Yourself?

One Minute Message
Do You Feel a Need to Prove Yourself?
The Need to Prove

Is the need to prove yourself weighing on you?

Pastor Steve explains that the need to prove yourself can lead to a life that is too busy, and what we should be doing instead…


Do You Feel a Need to Prove Yourself?

by Steve Peterson | Fresh Start for All Nations


Hi, This is Steve Peterson with Fresh Start for All Nations.

You know, many people over the years have said to me, “Steve, I’m just too busy.” So, how do we live a full and fruitful life without being too busy? Well, I think another aspect of this would be: Receive your sonship or your daughterhood.

Galatians 4:7 says, “So, you’re no longer a slave, but a son. And since you are a son, God has also made you an heir.”

Do you feel you need to prove yourself to someone else, to God, or yourself? You know, sons and daughters of the King don’t have to prove anything; they’re already “accepted in the Beloved,” according to Ephesians 1:6. So, if you’re still trying to prove yourself, you’ll tend to take on too much and you’ll be too busy.

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