Beaten and battered by her cocaine addiction, Connie found herself in Chattanooga that day attending a Fresh Start conference. Connie told our team how deeply impacted she was by the “unforgiveness train” illustration. “As I watched the long train line with each person representing rejection, after rejection, after rejection, The Lord awakened me to see the wounding that happened in my own life since I was 3 years old… and how it continually repeated throughout my youth and adult years. I had built in my mind a system of belief based on a lie that wasn’t in any way from my Heavenly Father.”

As Connie was sharing her story, she placed both hands on her head and made a motion like her brain was exploding, laughed and said, “I am blown away! Why was I never taught this after years and years of being in Bible study!? I never, ever heard of some of these concepts.”

Witnessing God’s priceless pursuit for Connie and so many others at the conference was amazing. Through His indefinable plans, He revived and healed their hearts, awakening them to His perfect love – the love of their ABBA Father. His provision of power to both reveal and overcome, through His Holy Spirit, and the wisdom given in His word is unexplainable. Yet, this testimony does shed a little light on the measure He will go to reach us in our darkest moments. As well as the importance of responding to His love and pursuing a FRESH START for our hearts!

-The LoveChurch Fresh Start Team


The condition of my heart before I had a Fresh Start was blindsided, overwhelmed and confused.

The condition of my heart today after my process is that I am OVERFLOWING!

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God has invited Fresh Start to serve the “Persecuted Church” in multiple regions of the world. He has established Fresh Start Ambassadors in East Asia, South Asia and the Holy Land.

EAST ASIA – Our Ambassadors have a network of leaders who serve and support the underground church. Fresh Start has been invited to share the message of forgiveness to the leaders who have contacts throughout East Asia. This includes Sports Ministry, University Educators, Business Leaders and the Underground Church Leaders. Through our Ambassadors, and our Fresh Start teams, thousands are becoming “Forgiven, Forgiving and Free!”


HOLY LAND – Our Ambassadors have incredible favor with Arab Evangelical Leaders who have the ability to impact the entire geographic region with the forgiveness message. This includes a private school of 1000 Arab K-12th grade students, including 250 Muslims, where Christian precepts are taught daily. Our Ambassadors also have the opportunity to reach all ethnic, religious and refugee groups throughout the Middle East.


SOUTH ASIA – Our Ambassadors recently video recorded 2 of our team members sharing 7 hours of the Fresh Start process and an additional 7 hours on how to lead the Fresh Start process. They plan on taking these 14 hours and sharing it with their extensive network of over 1000 pastors. Our partners are also working with 12 other separate ministries in the region and want our team to return and share the Fresh Start Forgiveness process with them.

Once this has been accomplished, these 12 ministries can spread forgiveness to the people they serve, expanding the reach of Fresh Start in South Asia.

There is always MORE with the Lord, as He has invited us back to all three regions in the second half of 2019 and 2020. God is on the move within the “Persecuted Church” and He has invited Fresh Start to join Him. If you feel God inviting you to join us through prayer and/or finance for future trips to these regions, please visit the rest of our site and our Donate page to learn more.



THANK YOU for your generous response to the 2019 Match Campaign!

We are thrilled to be able to report that the goal of $25,000 was reached for a total amount raised of $50,000.

Your donations toward the Fresh Start mission are a strategic investment in seeing men, women and young people all over the world,“FORGIVEN, FORGIVING and FREE!”

Your ongoing support of Fresh Start will ensure continuing impact for others!Thank you for being an invaluable part of our mission!



The core issue of life, according to God’s word… Your heart!

Have you ever been OFFENDED, experienced a HURT, or suffered a LOSS?

Our hearts are affected by all of these things, and if not resolved on God’s terms, can lead to our hearts becoming infected.

The good news is that “It’s NEVER too late… for a FRESH START!”




“I always felt that I had been used…”

The condition of my heart before I had a Fresh Start was not at peace.

My brother was paralyzed from when he was 5 years old. But sometimes he would take advantage of his situation and I felt like he was using me…

The condition of my heart today after my process is that I am FREE!

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Fresh Start For All Nations has a vision… a vision to see men, women and young people FORGIVEN, FORGIVING and FREE!

The opportunities and invitations to see this message proclaimed to our neighbors, city, state, nation and to all nations are ever increasing – and we invite you to consider partnering with us in prayer and finance as 2018 comes to a close.

The needs are great, and our God is greater!
And as always, “No Pressure, Just OPPORTUNITY!”

Some of our present and projected financial needs for 2019 include:

  • Translating, Printing and Mass Distribution of Fresh Start Resources
  • Filming and Production of New Fresh Start Stories and Resources
  • Leadership Development and Investment
  • Domestic and International Trips

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When I consider the state of the world today, I see so much hopelessness. Whatever people have gone through or
are going through, they have lost hope through:

  • The outcome that they were hoping for and hasn’t been realized
  • The dream or desire that has gone unfulfilled
  • The ongoing injustice that they are facing
  • The pain that seems to have no end or escape

We do not see this as a crisis as much as we see it as a great opportunity- to invite men, women and young people into allowing The Lord to care for their hearts. And in seeing them set free from the debilitating effects of offense, hurt and loss, they experience something truly wonderful: REAL HOPE. Not the counterfeit that they were once seeking in the approval or opinion of another person… or in the falsely defining power of the past… or in anything or anyone other than JESUS.

Some of our present and projected financial needs for 2019 include:

  •  Translating, Printing and Mass Distribution of Fresh Start Resources
  • Filming and Production of New Fresh Start Stories and Resources
  • Leadership Development and Investment

In John 8:31-32 and verse 36, Jesus says, “if you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. So if the Son sets you free you will be free indeed.”

You could memorize all the verses about your true identity in Christ… but if you hold unforgiveness in your heart toward that critical, fault-finding, unaccepting person, there will be an invisible chain connecting you to their opinion and you won’t be free. But when you forgive, the chain is broken. And you’re free to go vertical and allow God to have the last say about your true identity as a son or daughter of the King.

But what does it take to see this realized, experienced and appropriated in our lives? Would you consider an “audience of one” perspective…

In your life, who are you “playing” to? When you “take the stage” in your relationships, workplace or any other setting, where is your focus? Who is your audience?

In other words, whose approval are you seeking? Whose opinion matters most to you? Whose standard are you seeking to achieve or live up to?

Imagine that you are in front of an enormous audience, in a huge stadium. In fact, the stadium is so large that there is seating for the entire population of the world – and every seat is filled. As your life is lived and “played out” on the field, do you think it is possible to please and live up to the expectations of every person in the stands? Or perhaps, to please just a select few and to try to keep them “happy” and satisfied?

When Jesus came to planet earth, He did so with submission and humility. He came to do the will of His Father, and sought only to please Him. (Philippians 2:5-9)

He knew that focusing on His Heavenly Father would be the only way to successfully navigate His mission on planet earth. When the entire audience of the world rejected Him, He looked into the stands and saw only ONE SEAT OCCUPIED – by His Father. He played to an “audience of one”.  And this very same perspective is what He invites us to consider and embrace: To make Him the reason for what we do – or don’t do. To realize that only Jesus satisfies – and that if He isn’t enough, no one and nothing will ever be “enough”. And this is the path to true sonship, daughterhood and living a love-motivated forgiven, forgiving and free life! A life that is focused on pleasing our Heavenly Father out of a heart of love and gratitude. A life that when lived for Him, blesses and benefits others.

The ministry of Jesus was not ultimately focused on serving, healing and preaching to people – He was focused on obeying and loving His Heavenly Father, and the many people that He served were the “beneficiaries” of His focus on His Father. He lived to an “audience of one”.

How about you? Are you living to an audience of many, or a few? Are you ready to embrace your true identity as you live increasingly to an “audience of one”? You can, and it all starts with your heart.

And remember, “it’s NEVER too late, for a FRESH START!


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2017 is past, and we have entered a new year, a “fresh start”…

At times like this it is common to REFLECT on that which was experienced in the prior year.
You may REFLECT on memories; both good and bad. Or you may recall goals; achieved or unachieved, accomplishments and significant life events. As you think about these things and others, how does it a affect you? Perhaps there is some joy – maybe some bright spots and a few fond memories?

But do you also find yourself discouraged by the unmet goals that you set out to accomplish? Do you feel any anger or frustrated over someone else’s choices and how they have affected you? Is there any depression linked to an unmet desire or a dream that you did not see realized. Or can you identify with a vague uneasiness and overall lack of peace and sense of purpose as you head into another year?

In Proverbs 27:19, God’s Word says:
As water reflects the face, so one’s life refects the heart.

We cannot REFLECT something that we are not aligned with. You will not see your face in a mirror – unless you are facing it and focusing on it…
The world is filled with people who are allowing themselves to REFLECT what has been done to them, or what they themselves have done, or not done. They have chosen to ALIGN themselves with these things and their lives now REFLECT them… And whatever we ALIGN ourselves with will either DEFINE or REFINE us.

As Proverbs 27:19 clearly states, our lives will be a direct REFLECTION of the condition of our hearts. And that reflection will reveal either INFECTION or AFFECTION:

The INFECTION of not fully participating in allowing the Lord to take care of our hearts; allowing unforgiveness or ungratefulness to occupy any part of our hearts, and looking to anyone or anything to satisfy us – when only Jesus can, will, and wants to!

Or, will our hearts be a REFLECTION of AFFECTION?
A love-motivated life that is lived-out with others as a response to the love that we ourselves have experienced – in being first FORGIVEN and LOVED by The LORD!

What do you want your life to REFLECT this year, and in the years to come?
Are you allowing what you have done or experienced in the past, to DEFINE you in the present?
Do you want to be free from the effects of those offenses, hurts and losses – and to invite Jesus to use it all to REFINE you MORE and MORE into HIS IMAGE?
Will you ALIGN yourself with HIM so that your life might REFLECT more of HIM?

You can, and it all starts with YOUR HEART.
And remember, “It’s NEVER too late… for a FRESH START”!

-David Anderson on behalf of the Fresh Start Team

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The Power of A Story of IMPACT!

It has been another wonder-FULL year of spreading the TRANSFORMING FIRE of FORGIVENESS! I recently received this encouraging note from a dear friend and ministry partner:

“My dear brother Steve,

You probably don’t know what a huge impact you have made in my life and in my ministry! I continue to use Fresh Start principles in my own life. The ones that I learned during our wonderful time of ministry together in 2012 (Kenya, Africa). And Fresh Start principles are at the core of the “Principles of Effective Leadership” conferences that I’ve been leading.

Many people have been so impacted by these Biblically based principles. In fact, I have been invited to Rwanda and Burundi this coming year to present the leadership conferences. The reason given to me for the invitation to Rwanda is that there are so many people still hurting from the genocide that took place there back in 1994. The teaching on forgiveness and healthy hearts is what they need. So Praise God – it’s amazing that HE can use a guy like me to minister in such places to such people. I am so thankful for you and how God has used you in my life!”

-Dave Penner with The Josiah Foundation (

year-end giving, fresh start trip kenya 2012, dave penner



Please consider investing in one of the following projected financial needs:

  • TRIPS: Botswana, Africa 2018 / $3500 per person / projecting a team of eight (one of several invitations & opportunities)…

December 2017 Year-End Giving Update