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2017 is past, and we have entered a new year, a “fresh start”…

At times like this it is common to REFLECT on that which was experienced in the prior year.
You may REFLECT on memories; both good and bad. Or you may recall goals; achieved or unachieved, accomplishments and significant life events. As you think about these things and others, how does it a affect you? Perhaps there is some joy – maybe some bright spots and a few fond memories?

But do you also find yourself discouraged by the unmet goals that you set out to accomplish? Do you feel any anger or frustrated over someone else’s choices and how they have affected you? Is there any depression linked to an unmet desire or a dream that you did not see realized. Or can you identify with a vague uneasiness and overall lack of peace and sense of purpose as you head into another year?

In Proverbs 27:19, God’s Word says:
As water reflects the face, so one’s life refects the heart.

We cannot REFLECT something that we are not aligned with. You will not see your face in a mirror – unless you are facing it and focusing on it…
The world is filled with people who are allowing themselves to REFLECT what has been done to them, or what they themselves have done, or not done. They have chosen to ALIGN themselves with these things and their lives now REFLECT them… And whatever we ALIGN ourselves with will either DEFINE or REFINE us.

As Proverbs 27:19 clearly states, our lives will be a direct REFLECTION of the condition of our hearts. And that reflection will reveal either INFECTION or AFFECTION:

The INFECTION of not fully participating in allowing the Lord to take care of our hearts; allowing unforgiveness or ungratefulness to occupy any part of our hearts, and looking to anyone or anything to satisfy us – when only Jesus can, will, and wants to!

Or, will our hearts be a REFLECTION of AFFECTION?
A love-motivated life that is lived-out with others as a response to the love that we ourselves have experienced – in being first FORGIVEN and LOVED by The LORD!

What do you want your life to REFLECT this year, and in the years to come?
Are you allowing what you have done or experienced in the past, to DEFINE you in the present?
Do you want to be free from the effects of those offenses, hurts and losses – and to invite Jesus to use it all to REFINE you MORE and MORE into HIS IMAGE?
Will you ALIGN yourself with HIM so that your life might REFLECT more of HIM?

You can, and it all starts with YOUR HEART.
And remember, “It’s NEVER too late… for a FRESH START”!

-David Anderson on behalf of the Fresh Start Team

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The Power of A Story of IMPACT!

It has been another wonder-FULL year of spreading the TRANSFORMING FIRE of FORGIVENESS! I recently received this encouraging note from a dear friend and ministry partner:

“My dear brother Steve,

You probably don’t know what a huge impact you have made in my life and in my ministry! I continue to use Fresh Start principles in my own life. The ones that I learned during our wonderful time of ministry together in 2012 (Kenya, Africa). And Fresh Start principles are at the core of the “Principles of Effective Leadership” conferences that I’ve been leading.

Many people have been so impacted by these Biblically based principles. In fact, I have been invited to Rwanda and Burundi this coming year to present the leadership conferences. The reason given to me for the invitation to Rwanda is that there are so many people still hurting from the genocide that took place there back in 1994. The teaching on forgiveness and healthy hearts is what they need. So Praise God – it’s amazing that HE can use a guy like me to minister in such places to such people. I am so thankful for you and how God has used you in my life!”

-Dave Penner with The Josiah Foundation (

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December 2017 Year-End Giving Update