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Burundi Trip Report

  • 4th poorest country in the world – located in East Central Africa
  • 12 years of civil war – 1993 to 2005 with 100’S of thousands murdered
  • 95% of the poor, lost loved ones to murder – many women raped


  • Invited by a ministry in Burundi called J-Life. (JESUS LIFE)
  • J-LIFE in Burundi is one of 90 locations in 23 countries in Africa
  • We shared in 4 different environments and 4 different locations and conditions.


Pastors & Leaders – Bujumbura

  • Three all day meetings with 50 Pastors & Leaders
  • They all testified they had forgiven those who had hurt and wounded them.
  • Most had loved ones murdered (during the civil war).
  • They were greatly impacted by “The Unforgiving Servant illustration.”
  • Their comments of the condition of their heart (before and after) FS were some of the most encouraging we have ever heard, especially in lieu of their wounds.
  • A full day was dedicated to train them on how to share Fresh Start.

 Widows & Orphans – Ciya in Bubanzia Province

  • 60 widows and orphans also experienced transformations of their hearts.
  • 1 woman stood and asked Jesus into her heart! Praise the Lord!

Pygmies & Children – Murwi in Cibitoke Province

  • 55 Pygmies and some of their children also experienced the joy of the Lord & transformation of their hearts.
  • A woman stood and also received Jesus into her heart. She gave testimony how she had been so angry, but was now ready to forgive and receive Jesus.

The Sunday Church Service – 70 people in a 2-month-old church in a tent and dirt floor.                               

  • When it was almost time for the invitation for people to forgive; a man fell to the floor in a very disrupting manner. Our host said it was an attack by a demonic spirit to disrupt the conclusion of the service.
  • The Holy Spirit prevailed and each person stood to acknowledge they had forgiven those who had murdered, raped or mutilated them.
  • A woman stood and prayed to receive Christ as her Savior.


  • Prayer Support from prayer warriors around the world.
  • A faithful God who opened the doors for us to go during a COVID filled world, and protected us while we travelled and ministered.
  • Generous givers, who believed in the mission, and helped to fund our going.
  • A terrific host who caught the vision of what God could do in his life, and those whom he ministers too.

May God find us all faithful and again thank you for your love, prayers and financial support.

Blessings from, The Fresh Start Team

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