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Becoming Free to Confront…

One Minute Message
Becoming Free to Confront…
Free to Confront?

Should you be free to confront someone who has wronged you?

In this one minute message Pastor Steve explains when confrontation is the right thing to do, and what motives should come into play in your decision to confront.


Becoming Free to Confront…

by Steve Peterson | Fresh Start for All Nations


Can I ever confront the person who has offended me? Is forgiving him or her all I can do?

Hi, I’m Steve Peterson with Fresh Start for All Nations.

We do want to start with forgiveness because forgiveness is the doorway into the more. If we’re not forgiving, we won’t be free to really have God’s heart for the situation and wisdom on the timing of confronting.

If you do confront someone, make sure you forgive them before you confront them, because the whole nature of forgiving is canceling the debt. They owe you nothing because Jesus has paid it all and you’ve allowed Him to be enough. So, if you’re going to confront them and you’ve already forgiven them, you have no entitlement. You really want the best for them and that is the reason you’re confronting. It’s a commitment to them and wanting the best and you want to obey the Lord.

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