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Are Forgiving and Trusting Someone the Same?

One Minute Message
Are Forgiving and Trusting Someone the Same?
Does God want you to trust someone once you’ve forgiven them?

If you’ve had your trust betrayed, it can be hard to forgive — and even harder if there is no distinction made between forgiving and trusting. In this one minute message, Pastor Steve explains the differences between the two…


Are Forgiving and Trusting Someone the Same?

by Steve Peterson | Fresh Start for All Nations


Does forgiving someone mean I have to trust that person?

Hi, I’m Steve Peterson with Fresh Start for All Nations.

Maybe you’ve asked that question. And maybe you’ve thought, “I don’t think I can trust that person. And, if I can’t trust them, does that mean that I haven’t forgiven them?”

Let me share a perspective that I pray will be so helpful for your heart today: Forgiving and trusting are two separate things. When you forgive someone, you’re obeying the Lord; you’re setting your heart free. They’re not free from responsibility before the Lord, but you’re leaving that between the Lord and them.

And it really wouldn’t be wise to trust some people. They aren’t trustworthy. Even Jesus didn’t entrust His heart to the religious leaders, as we read in John the second chapter verses 24 and 25. Let’s talk more about this on Tuesday nights; I’d love to connect with you, personally!

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