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2020 Match Campaign

We pray that this finds you well during these challenging and unsettling times. The coronavirus crisis has had an unprecedented impact on all of our lives.
We pray that this finds you well during these challenging and unsettling times. The coronavirus crisis has had an unprecedented impact on all of our lives. We pray for those who have become ill with the virus and grieve with those families who have lost loved ones to it.
The social distancing policies to slow the spread of the disease have been challenging for everyone. Fresh Start For All Nations is no exception. We have decided the best course of action in these days is to cancel both our annual Celebration Banquet and Golf Classic for 2020. This decision was a difficult one because we deeply value the opportunities these events provide to deepen relationships and share important information with our valued partners about the growth of Fresh Starts ministry in spreading the message of Grace and Truth, Hope and Forgiveness locally, nationally and across the world.
Another impact is that these events provide important financial support for our ongoing specific Fresh Start ministry assignments and resources. Social distancing has constrained our ability to gather for teaching and live in-person group processing for the past two months, but we want to be in a position to fully resume our Fresh Start ministry as distancing requirements are eased. As we have said before, we have been building Fresh Starts ministry “stone by stone” (person by person) for 40 years, and we need you to continue to be “living stones” to help our ministry grow in these times.
That is why we are asking you, as a Fresh Start supporter, to prayerfully consider making a donation now to support our Fresh Start ministry and help us replace those funds that will not be realized through the Celebration Banquet and Golf Classic this year. We are excited to share that another faithful partner has agreed to match up to $25,000 on all donations received by June 30, 2020, so that your gift, in effect, will be doubled.
As the coronavirus outbreak is overcome, your generous gift will allow us to continue our assignments to:
  • Resume our weekly small groups at additional locations in Omaha and our prison ministry in partnership with Douglas County Corrections.
  • Continue investing in our regional partnerships with churches, other ministries and organizations.
  • Enhance our small groups and resources supplied across the nation.
  • Respond to invitations and opportunities for partnerships in Botswana, the Holy Land, Greece, Guatemala and refugee locations in Uganda.
We are grateful for your partnership and hope that you are willing to continue your legacy of support this year. Give today, or you can send your gift to:

Fresh Start For All Nations
PO BOX 540373
Omaha, Nebraska 68154
Following these stressful times, it will be essential to provide a Fresh Start for those imprisoned by the debilitating effects of offense, hurt, or loss. Your stewardship will allow others to be Forgiven, Forgiving and Free!
We pray that you stay safe and well, and thank you for prayerfully considering “living a legacy” in this significant way.
Pastor Steve and Mindy Peterson
Fresh Start For All Nations

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