Beaten and battered by her cocaine addiction, Connie found herself in Chattanooga that day attending a Fresh Start conference. Connie told our team how deeply impacted she was by the “unforgiveness train” illustration. “As I watched the long train line with each person representing rejection, after rejection, after rejection, The Lord awakened me to see the wounding that happened in my own life since I was 3 years old… and how it continually repeated throughout my youth and adult years. I had built in my mind a system of belief based on a lie that wasn’t in any way from my Heavenly Father.”

As Connie was sharing her story, she placed both hands on her head and made a motion like her brain was exploding, laughed and said, “I am blown away! Why was I never taught this after years and years of being in Bible study!? I never, ever heard of some of these concepts.”

Witnessing God’s priceless pursuit for Connie and so many others at the conference was amazing. Through His indefinable plans, He revived and healed their hearts, awakening them to His perfect love – the love of their ABBA Father. His provision of power to both reveal and overcome, through His Holy Spirit, and the wisdom given in His word is unexplainable. Yet, this testimony does shed a little light on the measure He will go to reach us in our darkest moments. As well as the importance of responding to His love and pursuing a FRESH START for our hearts!

-The LoveChurch Fresh Start Team


The condition of my heart before I had a Fresh Start was blindsided, overwhelmed and confused.

The condition of my heart today after my process is that I am OVERFLOWING!

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