God has invited Fresh Start to serve the “Persecuted Church” in multiple regions of the world. He has established Fresh Start Ambassadors in East Asia, South Asia and the Holy Land.

EAST ASIA – Our Ambassadors have a network of leaders who serve and support the underground church. Fresh Start has been invited to share the message of forgiveness to the leaders who have contacts throughout East Asia. This includes Sports Ministry, University Educators, Business Leaders and the Underground Church Leaders. Through our Ambassadors, and our Fresh Start teams, thousands are becoming “Forgiven, Forgiving and Free!”


HOLY LAND – Our Ambassadors have incredible favor with Arab Evangelical Leaders who have the ability to impact the entire geographic region with the forgiveness message. This includes a private school of 1000 Arab K-12th grade students, including 250 Muslims, where Christian precepts are taught daily. Our Ambassadors also have the opportunity to reach all ethnic, religious and refugee groups throughout the Middle East.


SOUTH ASIA – Our Ambassadors recently video recorded 2 of our team members sharing 7 hours of the Fresh Start process and an additional 7 hours on how to lead the Fresh Start process. They plan on taking these 14 hours and sharing it with their extensive network of over 1000 pastors. Our partners are also working with 12 other separate ministries in the region and want our team to return and share the Fresh Start Forgiveness process with them.

Once this has been accomplished, these 12 ministries can spread forgiveness to the people they serve, expanding the reach of Fresh Start in South Asia.

There is always MORE with the Lord, as He has invited us back to all three regions in the second half of 2019 and 2020. God is on the move within the “Persecuted Church” and He has invited Fresh Start to join Him. If you feel God inviting you to join us through prayer and/or finance for future trips to these regions, please visit the rest of our site and our Donate page to learn more.



THANK YOU for your generous response to the 2019 Match Campaign!

We are thrilled to be able to report that the goal of $25,000 was reached for a total amount raised of $50,000.

Your donations toward the Fresh Start mission are a strategic investment in seeing men, women and young people all over the world,“FORGIVEN, FORGIVING and FREE!”

Your ongoing support of Fresh Start will ensure continuing impact for others!Thank you for being an invaluable part of our mission!



The core issue of life, according to God’s word… Your heart!

Have you ever been OFFENDED, experienced a HURT, or suffered a LOSS?

Our hearts are affected by all of these things, and if not resolved on God’s terms, can lead to our hearts becoming infected.

The good news is that “It’s NEVER too late… for a FRESH START!”




“I always felt that I had been used…”

The condition of my heart before I had a Fresh Start was not at peace.

My brother was paralyzed from when he was 5 years old. But sometimes he would take advantage of his situation and I felt like he was using me…

The condition of my heart today after my process is that I am FREE!

Read and download our complete May 2019 update below…