Read and download our November 2018 Year-End Giving update below…


When I consider the state of the world today, I see so much hopelessness. Whatever people have gone through or
are going through, they have lost hope through:

  • The outcome that they were hoping for and hasn’t been realized
  • The dream or desire that has gone unfulfilled
  • The ongoing injustice that they are facing
  • The pain that seems to have no end or escape

We do not see this as a crisis as much as we see it as a great opportunity- to invite men, women and young people into allowing The Lord to care for their hearts. And in seeing them set free from the debilitating effects of offense, hurt and loss, they experience something truly wonderful: REAL HOPE. Not the counterfeit that they were once seeking in the approval or opinion of another person… or in the falsely defining power of the past… or in anything or anyone other than JESUS.

Some of our present and projected financial needs for 2019 include:

  •  Translating, Printing and Mass Distribution of Fresh Start Resources
  • Filming and Production of New Fresh Start Stories and Resources
  • Leadership Development and Investment